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Topic: Amorphous and Nickel Iron Cores

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Amorphous and Nickel Iron Cores

As MH&W International continuously strives to be the leader for offering powerful solutions in the magnetics industry, MH&W has partnered with a leading OEM supplier of amorphous cores, custom nanocrystalline cores, and 80% nickel iron alloy cores. The core configurations include toroid’s, gapped toroid’s, cut cores, and specialty stampings. With the addition of these products, MH&W will be able to offer the marketplace competitive prices on low frequency magnetics designs in addition to the high frequency magnetics designs currently being supported.Get more news about¬†Nanocrystalline core¬†,you can vist our website!

FJ85 is a quite new Brushless Motor with new technology of Amorphous Alloy Stators. The Different as the traditional motor is : Break through a tradtional silicon steel sheet motor and improve efficiency by 20%. Amorphous alloy ,also called metal glass, it is a advanced eco-friendly materials. It is formed a thin ribbon with less than 30μm thickness under 106℃/s cooling speed by rapidly quenching technology. The atoms are solidified too fast to crstalize in ordered structure.
It is structure belongs to long-range disorder,short-range ordered structure. No regular spatial lattice,no grains and boundaries of crystalline alloys caused special microstructure and many unique properties,such as excellent magnetic properties,mechanincal properties (corroisioin resistance,wear resistance,hig strength,hardness and toughness), High resistiity and so on. The distribution transformer as an example, the loss of amorphous under no load is about 1/3~ 1/5 of tranditional silicon steel. So amrphous alloy is considered to be a model of green,environment-friendly and energy-saving magnetic materiall. 0.002mm thichness of the iron core imporve motor efficiency and reduce the loss. The FJ85 Amorphous Brushless Motor very good for high efficiency industry flight platform. Adds the flight time for Agricultural Spraying Drone and other industry drones.

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