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Topic: Magicycle Cruiser VS Aventon Level

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Magicycle Cruiser VS Aventon Level

Although the Electric Bikes market is getting dramatically crowded, which involves various types, Magicycle Cruiser is trusted as the best electric bike under $2000.To get more news about portable bike speaker, you can visit official website.

Magicycle Cruiser, an ebike with a 52-volt, 15-Ah battery, is a good choice for commuters. With Magicycle Cruiser, you can arrive at your working spot faster, get convenience and also save money. Getting up early in order to catch up with the bus which takes you to your company is annoying for commuters, but with Magicycle, you can sleep another 10 minutes more, because you do not need to wait for the bus coming, and you can ride your e-bike whenever you want. What’s more, with the 52-volt battery, Magicycle Cruiser will carry you with a high speed. And when arriving at the workplace, you do not need to find parking hard compared to taking other vehicles. And also, you do not need to pay for the cost of fuel, which is expensive, for the Magicycle Cruiser only to charge, which saves much money for you.To get more news about bike trails san jose, you can visit official website.
In order to assist commuters to better understand the Magicycle Cruiser, a table is given, which compares our Magicycle Cruiser with one of the traditional ebike in North America, the Aventure of Aventon, side-by-side that can help you to choose an e-bike.To get more news about ebike for sale, you can visit official website.
It seems both of them are quite similar, but if you compare carefully, you’ll find many differences between them.

From the figures shown above, it is clear that the Magicycle Cruiser surpasses Aventon Aventure from the performance and the price. Moreover, if you begin to investigate the stats on the page, you will find the subtle while effective elements and considerations that are put into the design of the Magicycle Cruiser.
In addition to learning the calculation method of battery parameters, there are some points that we need to consider, which affect the reference standard of an ebike's mileage. Such as the top speed that the bike can withstand, the width of the tires, and one very important thing - what I want to emphasize: pedal assist.

Pedal assist will always be more efficient. We find that most pedal assist e-bikes ridden around 15 to 18 mph in medium levels of pedal assist will get me around 15 Wh/mi (or 9.4 Wh/km). Thus the same 480Wh battery on a pedal assist e-bike will provide me around 32 miles of range (480 Wh ÷ 15 Wh/mi = 32 miles). Similarly, if it is an electric bike supported by a more efficient battery, with pedal assist, you will get a greater range. The level of pedal assist also shows differences in different models, so we can find this information as much as possible when buying ebikes to calculate its basic riding efficiency. The general electric bicycle pedal assist is about 4-7 levels. Magicycle does a good job at this point with its 7 level pedal assist adding more power to riding.

In addition to the loud brand and attractive appearance, a good e-bike needs the efficiency of its power system and the cycling distance it can support most -- which is also the core quality to test it and the question that every cycling fan pays attention to.

In fact, it is not difficult to explore the real range of ebikes. By calculating the real range of ebikes according to their parameters, each of us can quickly understand our favorite electric bikes clearly, and enjoy a pleasant journey of high-quality long distance.

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