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Topic: Play Kill the Dummy

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Play Kill the Dummy

Are you enraged and want to lash out with a damaging act? Want to exact vengeance or retaliate against those who have wronged you?

Your ragdoll can be killed, smashed, hit, or just exploded! 

Kill the Dummy is a brutal game in which you can stab, punch, or kick your friend. It's both violent and pleasurable to beat up on this doll. Now is the time to download and try it out! Defend yourself against the mannequin, who is attempting to murder you!

Things you can do to your dummy include punching it with a boxing glove, whacking it with baseball bats, shooting darts or arrows at it, and throwing pumpkins, watermelons, apples, mud, and snowballs. Claw it, kick it, blast it with your gun, stab or mutilate it with a knife, beat up the dummy with a spiked stick, hit it with little hearts, kiss it.

Another light game you might be interested in: cookie clicker!

To experience some ragdoll torture or to murder the ragdoll, you no longer need to possess or construct an actual ragdoll. Assassinate the man! Assassinate the man! Dude, blow it up! And you may do it at any time and from any location!


- Use a synthetic mannequin to let out your rage for free.

- Have fun with your virtual doll or bash him up!

- Practice hitting targets with a crash test dummy.

- Fantastic 3D graphics with realistic physics simulations

- User-friendly and simple to operate

- Play a unique sandbox shooter with your ragdoll.

- Excellent for stress relief and anger management

- If you're not satisfied with your work, redo it.

- Beat the ragdoll to get coins, then spend the money to unlock more weaponry.

- Various torture weapons for ragdolls

- Release your rage in your own ragdoll physics simulator sandbox.

- Take a picture of your ragdoll kill and post it on social media.

- Defeat or murder the boss who irritates you at any time and place (even at work!)

- Protect yourself from the assassin dummy!

Link play Kill the Dummy:


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