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Topic: World of Warcraft Quietly Removes Important Shadowlands Lore Quests

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World of Warcraft Quietly Removes Important Shadowlands Lore Quests

Activision Blizzard continues to make changes to World of Warcraft's latest expansion through regular updates, but one recent change has fans perplexed. Although the latest expansion focuses on key Alliance and Horde figures, some important lore quests have been quietly removed.To get more news about buy wow items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Reddit user Lenestar has done some research regarding quest changes made to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands with patch 9.1. The active World of Warcraft subscriber discovered the first quest-related issue upon accepting the 9.1 kickoff quest "The First Move." Lenestar was perplexed to find the cutscene where Anduin kills the Archon in Bastion as opposed to the cinematic focused on Anduin and Sylvanas.
After discovering this quest issue, Lenestar spent several minutes digging through Wowhead pages and World of Warcraft forum posts. The World of Warcraft fan quickly discovered that the entire Torghast storyline was quietly removed from the game upon the release of Shadowlands' Chains of Domination update back in June. Because of these changes, a World of Warcraft fan that's new to the Shadowlands expansion may be extremely confused by the sudden narrative jump.

Activision Blizzard has removed several things from World of Warcraft recently, including the Shadowlands Torghast quests like Explore Torghast, Remnants of Hope, Information for a Price, Torment Chamber: Jaina, Finding a Witness, Lest the Trail Go Cold, Torment Chamber: Thrall, Signs of the Lion, The Captive King, An Echo in the Darkness, The Highlord's Vision, A Mourneblade Born, and The Jailer's Grasp. These quests have been removed for new and experienced Shadowlands players alike.

Instead of completing the quests for saving Jaina Proudmoore and Thrall from Torghast in Shadowlands, the quests are being automatically marked as completed. Furthermore, if players choose to talk to Jaina Proudmoore in Oribos, her dialogue has been updated to explain the change. According to the new dialogue, Jaina and Thrall were saved from the Maw by another Maw Walker (the title given to players in Shadowlands).

Though players won't be saving Jaina or Thrall in the Maw, the quest to save Baine Bloodhoof remains. Because Jaina Proudmoore's dialogue has been updated to reflect the Shadowlands quest changes, it appears to be an intentional change to the expansion. World of Warcraft fans who play Shadowlands will still delve into the Maw on several occasions, but these changes have removed a lot of key lore moments in the expansion.

It's currently unclear why Activision Blizzard flat-out removed the Torghast quests, but the developer is known for retconning in other expansions. Although several World of Warcraft players had questions about why they had to go through the Maw on multiple characters, Activision Blizzard typically adds a skip option rather than simply removing the quests. It's also unlike Activision Blizzard to make major changes to World of Warcraft like the removal of these Shadowlands quests without mentioning it in the update patch notes.

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