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Topic: Da Vinci DC100: the first electric almost autonomous motorcycle

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Da Vinci DC100: the first electric almost autonomous motorcycle

At this point, it is clear that future liquidity will be electric. Not only electric, but also autonomous. The driver will become an additional passenger and be able to perform other tasks during driving. So far, this electric and autonomous movement seems to be limited to cars. However, DaVinci DC100 hopes to completely change traffic by becoming the first almost autonomous electric bicycle.To get more news about davincimotor, you can visit official website.

Yes, because this bicycle made by Chinese start-up DaVinci is equipped with a set of advanced technology to make it a vehicle that can drive independently and pick you up at one point. A futuristic bicycle, not only because of its design, but also because of its complex electronic products, we will introduce it below.
DaVinci DC100 is an electric semi autonomous motorcycle developed by DaVinci tech company in China. The company has been committed to producing its first motorcycle in the past 7 years, with the goal of "providing the smoothest, safest and most pleasant driving experience in the industry".

After launching the first prototype and a series of modifications, redesigns and improvements, the Asian company has now launched the final version of DaVinci DC100, which will be put into production to completely change two-wheel transportation.

The Chinese company itself describes the DC100 as "a two wheeled robot". This is not a bad thing. The motorcycle is equipped with a series of complex electronic sensors to ensure the safety and efficiency of the electric bicycle as high as possible. All these electronic components, as well as engines and batteries, are hidden behind an impressive housing, making it look so futuristic.

Thanks to all these sensors, the motorcycle can detect its position, inclination or pitch relative to the ground so that it can drive safely at any time. In addition, on a motorcycle, it has a traction control system, which can measure the speed difference between two wheels to reduce the power when the rear wheels slip.

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