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Topic: How to earn FFXIV Gil fast and make more money

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How to earn FFXIV Gil fast and make more money

You'll want to make as much FFXIV Gil as fast as you can as more money is always useful. The Final Fantasy XIV in-game currency ‘Gil’ can buy you better weapons, fancy hairstyles, awesome mounts, and even your own house. So obviously, we want to fill our pockets with lots and lots of Gil. In short, you can earn Gil from completing quests, selling items, slaying foes and doing dungeons and challenges. To get more news about FFXIV Gil for sale, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Don’t get overly excited though; there are many great ways to make lots of Gil, but they all require a bit of time and effort. There’s no shortcut that will make you the richest FFXIV player in just a few hours. That said, here are some of the best ways to make Gil that are highly rewarding, relatively low-effort, and fast.
In case you’re already doing the Duty Roulette and the Challenge Log for other reasons (such as class experience), just keep doing what you’re doing. Although most of the Gil-making methods below are even more rewarding, these challenges offer plenty of in-game currency and don’t take too much time.

If you want to maximize the amount of Gil you get from your Duty Roulette, make sure you’re the ‘adventurer in need’. There’s often a shortage of Tanks and Healers (indicated by the little icon left of the level requirement in the Duty Finder), so using one of these classes will get you a Gil bonus. Don’t forget to exchange your Tomestones (an additional, high level reward) for unique gear and items as well. Reselling these will provide you with an extra source of Gil.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to sell the loot you don’t need to others players on the Market Board (the FFXIV auction house). You can also desynthesize it, which will get you some crafting parts. If you choose to do this, you might keep some of the parts for yourself while selling the rest on the Market.
If you want a steady Gil income to (ultimately) get rich in FFXIV, you might want to find yourself a job. There’s plenty of choice: you can become a Weaver, a Carpenter, a Culinarian, or even a Botanist. While most of these professions involve item crafting (the Disciples of the Hand), a few are focused on gathering materials instead (Disciples of the Land).

Gathering materials provides an easy source of income, as they’re always in demand (especially Miners). Crafters often prefer to buy materials rather than search for them, so even the most basic materials will sell on the Market. Eventually, you can sell or complete Treasure Maps too (more on that later).

Although all crafting professions have their uses, the Armorer, Goldsmith, and Alchemist tend to make the most valued items. Keep in mind that leveling these professions means being able to craft better gear, which will ultimately fetch the most Gil.

You’ve leveled your gatherers and crafters, but what’s the most profitable item to sell? There’s no perfect answer to that question, as the demand may vary from time to time. It’s therefore always wise to check the Market Board before deciding on an item. As a general rule though, remember that most players are either looking for ways to save time, or stuff they can’t make themselves. They will offer good money for high level gear or large quantities of basic materials.

Click on the item you want to sell to see how many other players are selling and what their asking prices are. If you’re selling basic materials or food, you might want to place a larger stack on the market. The price differences are often small, so keep it about average or just below the usual asking price.

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