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Topic: WOW TBC Classic Phase 2

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WOW TBC Classic Phase 2

WOW TBC Classic Phase 2 is right around the corner to bring some GREAT NEWS! Blizzard has decided to roll out the content of Phase 2 over time instead of dropping everything at once, meaning pretty much have a pre-patch for TBC Classic Phase 2.To get more news about buy world of warcraft items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Players can get access to things like Guild Banks, LFG Tool, Swift Flight Form, and Engineering Goggles early, the arena season is ending early and the next arena season is also starting early!  Some of these things players already get RIGHT NOW and the other contents of Phase 2 will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks, until September 15th which is the official release date for Phase 2 of TBC Classic.

Phase 2 brings with it lots of new content and will hopefully re-ignite the flame of TBC Classic and spark some life into the game again for raid loggers out there and people that have quit due to lack of content!Here we go blizzard has released the official patch notes for overlords of outland aka patch.2.5.2 also aka TBC classic phase two, in addition to these patch notes, there is an accompanying blue post detailing at what times different content will be unlocking, which will outline down below.

So instead of giving us everything at once, they're spreading it out and basically getting a tbc phase 2 pre-patch that is in the game right now came out today for Europe and yesterday for North America containing some of the casual changes for phase 2, druids can now enjoy their swift flight form, some of you might already have and those who haven't probably want to get it asap.

Getting engineering goggles which are best for some classes, the guild bank will provide more storage, and also getting the LFG tool, which is called the LFG bulletin board addon is way better, but this one could be useful for those who don't use Adams or it's basically an in-game LFG tool. The addon is better and it's called the LFG bulletin board;.
so in phase two in general we are getting access to two new reigns,  first of all, a Serpentine Cavern where you can slay the twisted lady wash and her vicious themes in her Watery Lair.  There are a total of six raid bosses in his urban shrine cavern, the location s in the Coilfang Reservoir in Zangarmarsh.

You can get arena season 2 where you can brutalize your faction's enemies on the battlefield with the event of arena season 2. victorious players will earn arena points to exchange for better gear.

So they can fight against the other similar skilled opponents, Augurilla and Chatara sky daily content basically you can make new allies in outland with the Ogri'la and Atari skyguard factions, you can complete daily quests to end these factions favor and in turn receive lucrative rewards, there's a couple of gold farms coming out with these factions as well.Guild banks basically providing more storage and you can share raid and dungeon spoil amongst your guild mates with the guild bank, this in-game storage allows guild members withdrawing the deposit items and currency making it easier to determine at a glance, what consumables you will have available for your next group or guild activity the group browser tool, basically, you can find like-minded players and make new friends with the group browser tool default key. Simply list your class and specializations of group leaders on your realm can invite you to their party or reign.

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