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Topic: We are seeing the exact opposite

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We are seeing the exact opposite

Issue: World 16 Air Running cannot reach a trade limit (10000 GBP in OSRS gold 15 mins). A possible solution The solution is possible?


Jagex is a company based in Cambridge, behind Runescape has recently launched FunOrb which is a Java-based casual game portal. FunOrb's millionth player was registered less than a year ago. Incredulous by the success of this account, Develop sits down and speaks with Mark Gerhard, CEO of FunOrb. Gerhard also discusses FunOrb's plans to expand and the potential value of the free to play model.

Jagex is recognized as a pioneer of free to-play games, but has the model itself reached the levels of popularity that many expected it to? We have. At the beginning, the whole business was focused on traditional retail distribution. However, no one was able to comprehend the free play model or the model of online shopping.


We are seeing the exact opposite. Many of the biggest names in gaming are looking to follow in our model. A lot of companies do not adhere to our principles. Sony and Free Realms are two examples of companies who attempted to replicate our approach. They offer a free demo of the game's membership and cheap RuneScape Mobile gold monetizing features.

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