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Topic: I played with wow classic gold

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I played with wow classic gold

I played with wow classic gold so I understand all location and mob spawn type/level/name vanilla beta, vanilla, rerolled on virtually all brand new server. So I know that private servers are just about 20% like vanilla. Virtually all mining and plant vein location are not where they were, many lacking and several additional place (don't understand why they havent used gatherer databases for location and type), their kind also different and the"rare" vein spawn mechanism is non existent (fixed gold or truesilver etc. location even tought in vanilla almost any mithril iron and such had a %chance to spawn their infrequent equivalent), quest item locations are different (for instance tanaris Gahz'ridian decoration things near ogres have all different place on ground and lots of missing), about 80 percent of the dinosaurs spawn in a different location, have different movement paths. In vanilla their amount was generally random + / - 1 degree, on servers they generally respawn exactly the kind and same lvl.

Different behavior Additionally quest mechanics on escort quests are different and waypoints and paths, for example chicken escort quests have lil different waypoints and random ambush mobs spawn place as well as lvl or their number were different also. Mob flee mechanics are different (direction and speed). Only those notice.

I've been a hardcore fps player for 10 decades, when Classic comes out I'll be pleased to be the casual player . I'll level leveling my careers gradually reading my quest text and performing dungeons a couple time for the sweet loot. Here is what I adore about vanilla, so you can do whatever you need and still hope to buy wow gold northdale do. Fantastic luck in your adventures men!? That's the beauty of Vanilla. You can enjoy it in so many ways.

more in:

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