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Topic: Brick knowledge

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Brick knowledge

Currently on the market a lot of varieties of tiles,WPC flooring there are just a dozen categories. Consumers face such as seepage Tongti brick, tiles, anti-skid tiles and the like, but do not understand the meaning of them. To this end, we specifically consult experts,Hollow WPC floor ask them to break these terms one by one: glazed tiles: refers to the surface of brick glazed tiles.

This brick is divided into two categories: one is fired with clay, due to high water absorption and must burn glaze, so it should be called "tiles", the intensity of this brick is low,Outdoor Eco-Friendly Decking Solutions and now rarely used ; The other is fired with porcelain clay, in order to pursue the decorative effect also burned the glaze, this tiled compact structure, high strength, low water absorption, stain resistance, the price is slightly higher than the ceramic fired tiles. Porcelain clay fired glazed tile,outdoor waterproof flooring is currently widely used in home decoration, 80% of the buyers are using this tile as a ground decoration materials.

The trick to distinguish between the two types of bricks is simple: the ceramic tiles are red in the back,Comparison of vinyl fence and wooden fence and the bricks in the clay are white. In the tiles fired with clay, the Spanish production of wall and floor tiles because of its unique decorative effect, is currently very popular in Beijing, but the higher the price of the brick, generally used in high-end home decoration. Quintana Brick: This is a non-glazed ceramic tile with good slip resistance and abrasion resistance.About Wood Plastic Flooring Tips Generally speaking, we are talking about "anti-skid tiles", most of the whole body brick. Because of the moderate price of this brick, so well received by consumers. Which "seepage flowers quintana brick," the beautiful pattern, it is put it down.

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