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Topic: Some Things Happened IRL Destroyed My WL in FIFA 17

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Some Things Happened IRL Destroyed My WL in FIFA 17

When you win the knockout tournament or win division 2/hold division 1 you get an entry to the next weekend league.


However, more than once I was qualified to the weekend league and couldn't play it due to some things that happened IRL.


This meant that my entry went to waste and I would have to qualify again for the next weekend league.


This made me think: why don't we get a FUT Champions Token instead? Just like the draft one, if you have a token you can simply decide to use during a certain weekend you know you will be able to play all games. By the way, if you need cheap fifa 17 coins, just visit our site.


Even if you're not able to stack the tokens, just having one gives you the ability of not having to force yourself to play all weekends just to get that auto qualification.


MC2402 said "I would love this. Full time job, wife and a kid. Don't really get much Fifa time but I tend to keep at least a 50% win ratio in cut champs when I get the chance but never had the time to play more than 16 games in a weekend. If I could keep it until I knew I could smack all 40 I might actually get some real game changing rewards."


I was trying to think of a reason not to do this earlier and I couldn't. I'm in this exact situation as I won Div 2 this weekend, but will be out of town next weekend. And you should be able to stack them, but you can only get one a week. So, for example, if I win Div 2/win a knockout tourney for 4 weeks in December, but don't use those "tokens" I should still be able to use them for the 4 weeks of any other month. The only way I think they shouldn't stack is like you can't just win 7 daily knockouts and get a token each time. So just limit it to one token per week and you're golden.


How about you? What do you think? Tell me if you want.

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