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Topic: Solid wood flooring how to maintain?

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Solid wood flooring how to maintain?

Today, wood flooring has become the first choice for many consumers decorate the ground material. However, some consumers of wood flooring at home less than two or three years,Outdoor garden fence it is necessary to update. While some consumers home in the wood floor pavement seven or eight years later, still bright as new. Such a big gap, what is the reason for it? "Pavement three points maintenance" is the industry recognized principles.

In the scientific pavement on the basis of the floor for the right and adequate maintenance is to determine the length of wood flooring a major key to life. So, how to home the wooden floor of scientific and perfect maintenance? Good wood floor maintenance work, it should be summer, moisture hands caught, KMinimal Maintenance outdoor flooring ofi flooring and you share the maintenance knowledge of wood flooring. Solid wood flooring grade, style, that is, maintenance up trouble, and some maintenance where we may not take into account, some may be encountered but do not know how to deal with. (1) to keep the floor dry and clean, not wet with a mop mopping or alkaline, soapy water scrub, so as not to damage the paint brightness, damage to the film. In case of dust or dirt can be used dry mop or wring dry wet mop.

(2) If the heating water leakage or water stains on the ground, must be promptly wiped clean, can not let the sun burst or directly with the electric oven baking. (2) (3) long-term live people,Not split outdoor balcony flooring should not use plastic sheeting or newspaper cover, a long time will be sticky film, loss of luster, while avoiding the hot water basin, hot rice cookers and other objects (4) part of the floor surface accidentally stained with stains should be promptly removed, if the traces of oil can be used cloth or mop dipped in warm water or a small amount of The use of this method is invalid, you can use high-quality sandpaper or steel ball gently wipe.If it is drugs, beverages or pigments stains, you must be in the soapy water to add a little scrub, If the stain is not penetrated into the wood surface, remove it by the soft cloth dipped in the furniture wax.If still ineffective, the steel ball should be wiped with the furniture wax.

If the surface of the floor layer is burned by the cigarette butts, (5) after the laying of the paint floor, to minimize the sun straight to the sun, if the ink can be wiped with a soft cloth to wipe the light can be restored.If the ink contamination, should be promptly wiped with a soft cloth soaked wax, if ineffective, (6) the floor in the course of the process,Corrosion-resistant balcony railings if the individual found that the floor from the Alice or fall off, the floor of the furniture, the use of rubber or other soft objects to prevent the floor paint. ; If the individual floor paint film breakage or exposed white, available 400 water sandpaper dipped in soapy water polish, and then wipe clean, to be dry, after a long time, The local color, dry color, and then brushing a paint, dry 24 hours, polished with 400 water, sandpaper, and then polished wax polish.

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