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Topic: The new Castlevania was shown

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The new Castlevania was shown

The company did have its traditional RPG fare on display as well, but the greater Western focus compared to years prior was a bit more striking.Sega's booth was all about Vanquish. Certainly there were a number of other games there, but Vanquish was definitely the focus, with dozens of kiosks available for play. Curiously, the company has also revealed that it is releasing Virtual On Force, Cheap RS Gold a 2001 arcade game, for Xbox 360. The most curious thing about this is the complete lack of graphical changes. It looks 100% like a game from 2001, or even before, and not even in a purposeful retro-aesthetic way. It simply looks ancient. But with a game like that, the visuals aren't necessarily the selling point.Konami's booth was less focused on Dance Evolution than was Microsoft's, but Microsoft was likely better prepared to highlight this anyway.


The new Castlevania was shown, but much more emphasis was placed on Hideo Kojima and his Metal Gear series. Events and video loops were held nearly all day, in which the creator spoke at length about his thoughts on games, his new title, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. Ubisoft was also in attendance, but didn't seem to be generating much buzz on the business days, due to mostly having released titles on display. I expect this booth to be busier on the consumer-facing days. Ignition Entertainment was there as well, showcasing one title only - the visually stylish but not-yet-together El Shaddai, which marries sparse dreamlike landscapes with 3D fighting and 2D platforming sections. With an entire booth dedicated to one game (and its partnership with Edwin Jeans, in which one of the game's characters had had his jeans made into an actual clothing line), Buy RS Gold the focus was sharp. Attendees generally had a positive-ish outlook on the game, but it certainly felt early.

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