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Topic: Make FIFA 17 Wake Up

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Make FIFA 17 Wake Up

Let's have a wake up call... You guys really believe EA Sports will fix Input Lag or any such bad mechanic in this game as long as you guys keep feeding their mouths with money?


I see a lot of people complain about Input-Delay and all these bad things with in the game. Don't get me wrong, I complain about them too. But I do not let EA get away with it. I do my part to send in gameplay of what I felt was good and bad. Do they respond? No because they don't care. But I still send it in anyways. I don't buy their piece of FIFA Coins.


It's pathetic guys. IF WE WANT SOMETHING CHANGED, WE HAVE TO STOP GIVING. I have stopped playing this game every day because if they aren't going to fix it, then I'm not giving my time to them and I'm not buying another copy of FIFA. They won't fix a damn thing until we stop buying FIFA Coins and just let it slide. We need to be more aggressive with them. I love this game just as much as the next guy does and that's why I'm active on this sub. I've just had enough with it. I see it in streams all the time "Oh my god the input delay, this game is ****" and I see on Twitter "I hate this game, it's so bad. Worst FIFA ever. I won't play until they fix the delay." But what do they do? THEY KEEP PLAYING. I mean come on guys, are you serious? If you're going to keep bitching and say you're never going to play it again, DONT PLAY IT.


I will never play it. Maybe three weeks. But I have shown my angry.

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