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Topic: Home And Garden Lighting

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Home And Garden Lighting

Throw in your garden hose with a spray nozzle that has the "mist" setting and you are ready to go.Your first step is to take your newspaper and layer it over your topsoil. The newspaper acts as a weed barrier. You could use the commercial weed barrier that you see at many home and garden centers, but newspaper can be free if you The DIY Smart Saw convince your neighbors to give you their copy after they have read it.When putting down your newspaper, I like to double layer it. That makes it "thick" enough to act as a great barrier, but porous enough for water and nutrients to get to the soil. As a side not, do not use any laminated sections of your newspaper as they may not be safe for your garden due to the inks used.


It's best to wait until it is not very windy out as the newspaper is very light and will blow fairly easily. If you are working on a windy day you might want to throw some mulch on now to keep the paper down.With your newspaper spread out over your entire garden, use your garden hose and set your nozzle to mist and water the paper. This will help keep it down while you prepare for the next step. You don't want to drench it. You want to lightly mist it with water so that it is damp and has some weight to it, to keep it down.In our next step we want to cover the newspaper we had just laid down. To cover the newspaper, I like to use a black mulch mixed with compost I have made so as both resources decompose into my garden they also add nutrients.

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