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Topic: Domestic high-tech machinery

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Domestic high-tech machinery

From a technical innovation perspective, we will add two more national research and development platform, 20-30 provincial enterprise technology center; guide 2-3 large enterprises have become the backbone of the industry technical standards body, into a "national standard level" of large enterprise groups; 20-30 new high-tech enterprises, to create intelligent factory, workshop, so that the advantages to further enhance the competitiveness of the industry; in "China 2025" clearly a breakthrough in key areas, research and development to produce a number of products with independent intellectual property and key zero part. While this year's January-May national diesel engine industry production, sales fell 1.68% and 2.99%, respectively, but as a small-bore multi-cylinder diesel engine domestic leader in cloud Power Co., is still contrarian achieve production increased 34.81 percent, sales growth of 27.2 % performance. Chairman Bo Introducing Enterprise "Thirteen Five" industrial development planning, said the company will focus on the development of the "engine + automatic transmission powertrain" and new energy power system assembly, and industrialization. "With the introduction of strategic partners, and gradually into the diesel exhaust gas treatment, the key areas of parts electronically controlled fuel injection system, master the core technology, cluster development engine business, becoming southwest China with annual sales of 10,000 units of new energy bus dedicated modified car manufacturing enterprises. "

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