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Topic: Composite wall preparation

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Composite wall preparation

Composite wall using ordinary portland cement, sand and fly ash or other industrial waste water slag, slag, etc., as a fine aggregate, then add a small amount of polystyrene particles and inorganic chemical additives, with automatic high efficiency forced lightweight aggregate special mixing system, the introduction of air to form a honeycomb core to reduce further stabilize the pores in the mixing process product density, not only reduces material costs, but also to achieve the desired thermal and sound insulation. wood plastic flooring is the most ideal for outdoor paving materials

Polystyrene particles and pores evenly distributed inside the product, making a circular honeycomb concrete skeleton, which support each other, to increase compression capabilities.wood plastic flooring installation Why leave gaps

Join Ash not only improve the workability of concrete slurry, the most important is to enhance the strength of cement at a later stage, thereby enhancing the strength of the product after curing is completed, the 80% increase in flexural strength, modulus of rupture increased by more than 50% use of fly ash also enjoy the national energy tax incentives, duty-free business for several years and a series of composite deck material for outdoor

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The contractor adjusted to the deadlines and needs of the customer, completed all the routine preparatory work, patiently listened to the wishes. The master completed the task, met the deadlines., Left it cleaned up after himself. I recommend it to others and I myself will turn to painting service nyc.


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