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Topic: Comparative advantages and disadvantages of flooring

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Comparative advantages and disadvantages of flooring

What are the disadvantages floor: wood flooring does have natural beauty, comfortable, good insulation properties strengths  good things often need to do more work, warped wooden floor easily deformed, there will be much formaldehyde emission of health harm. Not easy to take care, waxing often have to do maintenance. Influenced by the weather and humidity, require regular maintenance, easily deformed warped after flooding, the release of formaldehyde, a relatively short life.

What are the disadvantages of tile: domestic use of comfort, poor insulation, use of regional limitations, there will be individual tiles radioactive pollution, high cost, complexity pavement, construction foreman Suwan cumbersome  only to fee the club will work 36 to 38 yuan / square meter. Tiles the heel hard, and do not feel so warm. Especially slippery in wet weather, and the use of tile region limitations. Glazed unit price of about 30 yuan per square meter, whole body tiles about 50 yuan per square meter, the current domestic tiles, the high price of up to 500 yuan per square meter. In addition, the cost of materials and auxiliary needs paving labor costs, is about 35--40 yuan per square meter.

Wood: foot feeling good, strong sense of warmth, because it is a soft material from natural, can enhance the comfort of space, and some timber can also fragrant, such as sandalwood, the human body has many benefits. Tiles: easy to clean, durable, large choice of color style. Contrast look good from the disadvantage of wood or tile flooring is good: easy deformation, discoloration, poor quality of the higher floors formaldehyde content, causing indoor pollution. Brick: foot feeling very good, improper use of space will feel very cold.

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