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Topic: How to buy environmentally friendly wood flooring?

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How to buy environmentally friendly wood flooring?

Current market popular floor can be divided into solid wood flooring (real wild wood), multi-layer solid wood flooring, three solid wood flooring and laminate flooring several categories. Although there are quite different in each category of raw materials and production process, but, overall, choose green flooring requires attention to the following aspects:

First, the substrate must be environmentally friendly. Pure solid wood flooring is a natural wild wood is the most environmentally friendly substrate, but are resource products, the price is relatively high. Multi-layer solid wood flooring, three solid wood flooring and laminate flooring substrate, although different, but most of all the existence of adhesives, particularly the use of urea-formaldehyde adhesive substrate, more or less have the presence of formaldehyde, so be sure to choose a trusted famous brand.

Second, the production process to be environmentally friendly. Which for many consumers it is invisible, but it is very important. How to choose? First, look at the brand, the brand than those small little-known brands on the device, production control more secure. Second, look at the product, such as product appearance is smooth without defects, is clear and delicate texture, feel is smooth and comfortable, whether pungent odor and the like.

Third, to formaldehyde emission standards. Currently on the market to measure wood flooring formaldehyde emission There are several criteria, such as E0 (the European standard, its formaldehyde emission standard of not more than 0.5mg / L.), E1 (Chinese national standard, formaldehyde emission is not more than 1.5mg / L) and the like.

Fourth, the product features. Different products have different selection criteria, such as the choice of pure solid wood flooring and multi-layer solid wood flooring, three solid wood floor can not be overemphasized when the same color, but should be more emphasis on the natural properties of wood. But also pay attention to the film's environmental performance and wear resistance.

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