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Topic: Force master blade and soul gold teacher for fire palm

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Force master blade and soul gold teacher for fire palm

Now talk about the impact of this series of changes:
The output of the  fire department ADVANTAGES: stable output Disadvantages: a certain lack of explosiveness]
First of all, no doubt, Force master teacher for fire palm, Long Xiao Yan, Force master gun Cheats reliance three skills will be greatlyIncrease the combat effectiveness of the method and the other is equipped with Gems. Wherein the diamond, amethyst two kinds of Gems is very important, you can go to the auction house to spend BNS items for sale!enhanced.
The basic output means can determine RL2RL2RL2RL1 second injury [16, close to the current version without the addition of S1 fireball out of the most read article] over (provided adequate internal forces), 3 + 1 times Force master Yan gun gun for life to burn ensure full burn, but this set without Zhan Zhuang
Read the article by the problem of internal force to break Ssangyong supplement, RLFRLFRL1 second injury [15], to strengthen the flame because the palm, so this skill is no longer tasteless, output is also very impressive, but it is recommended that in order to enhance DPS hit three straight RL cancel.
Here you can also consider within 1 point of ice palm, internal forces are almost infinite, buy blade and soul gold and unlimited LR2LR1 [1 Ice Ice palm palm within seconds wound 15.5 14.5,2] output.
But also because high above the second injury, fire Z have no raison d'etre of the ╮ (╯ ▽ ╰) ╭ [4 seconds seizure Force master guns can be achieved, the fire did not have sense, after all, four seconds burns how can save the 5 enough to fire you burst down the life].

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