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Topic: Neverwinter Paladin Dread Ring and Icewind Dale

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Neverwinter Paladin Dread Ring and Icewind Dale

Dread Ring

Reliquary Keeper’s Strength- 250 Power and Movement over critical
Evoker’s Thirst- 400 Life Steal over Regen (Regen only works out of combat)
Illusion Shimmer- 3% Deflect Chance. I don’t need added Armor Pen PvPers can consider this if they want to swap
Shadowtouched- Chance when dealing damage additional 20000 Damage again like Sharandar Enraged Regrowth is a viable option for those lacking in terms of defense.
Rampaging Madness- Dealing damage builds stacks once you hit 50 gain 4K power, Life Steal, and Regen this is like having another Brutality ring or lifesteal ring easy to achieve and proc quite often an option for those lacking in defense or surviving would be  Augmented Thayan Bastion

Icewind Dale

Encroaching Tactics- 400 Combat Advantage Damage because you’ll be in CA quite abit placing yourself in front of an enemy your neverwinter diamonds allies behind the enemy will do extra damage and honestly AoE resist well you can block most AoE attacks what’s the point?
Appreciation of Warmth- 400 Incoming Healing Bonus. I choose this only because I don’t have an issue with Stamina gain and cheap astral diamonds if I need heal ill take a big heal please.
Rapid Thaw- 400 Recovery , yes please no crit severity needed here.
Cool Resolve- Added Power the more your stamina drains. You may think Cold Shoulder sounds nice but let’s be realistic if Orcus hits you for 400,000 damage do you honestly think 398,000 damage is going to make a difference?
Rousing Warmth- Seeing as you get healed from many sources this gives you 3000 extra damage quite often and damage= better aggro holder

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