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Topic: Neverwinter Paladin Companions you knonw

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Neverwinter Paladin Companions you knonw


The following is relatively expensive but in the end worth it. Two exceptions, cheaper, can be made and that is both the Air Archon and Earth Archon both allowing you to deal additional damage when at full health and additional damage when enemies are not at full health.

Shadow Demon- Chance when deflecting damage you take no damage once every 30 seconds this is your main augmented companion stack with 3X Bonding Runestones for Companions Gift he procs it often and fast as well he hit’s like a truck.
Owlbear- Mainly the reason we have very little critical in this build you simply do 50% additional damage based neverwinter astral diamonds buy on your power every time you fail to crit. It is night and day with taking this companion off doing damage then re equip him and watch those numbers climb.

Blacksmith- Damage Taken 25% chance to reflect 10% of that damage back this happens a lot stacks well with Aura of Vengeance

Galeb Duhr- Deal up to 10% more damage based on the percentage of damage you have taken through internal testing removing him and being smacked by a large enemy and following up with burning light this can be the difference of 1000+ extra damage with him equipped every tick.

Yeti- Damage Taken 10% chance for you or your companion to increase damage dealt by 10%. One this procs alot you’ll know because your character grows in animation and two he’s a great off tank to call out in one particular fight *Cough* Orcus.

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