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Topic: STAT Priority for neverwinter paladin

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STAT Priority for neverwinter paladin

STAT best neverwinter astral diamonds Priority:

Defense- The in game defense cap is 80% I recommend through gear and enchantments you achieve 50% defense at minimal and rely on boons, mount insignias, and companion stats to achieve the other 30% (this is easily done we’ll get to that)
Hit Points- Surviving a big hit takes a considerable amount of hit points a comfortable range of HP on a paladin should be about 120K HP + don’t fret too hard on this literally everything gear wise and boon related is HP based. Also one of your Auras is HP related (Courage)
Deflect- Through gear only and a couple boons i’d recommend around 3500 deflect I will touch up more on this stat as we go along
Power- This stat is an easy stat to obtain astral diamonds anything above 10K power is viable of course increase this based on not hurting the above three stats
Armor Penetration- the in game PVE cap is 60% keep in mind Paladin threat in it’s current state is broken, abilities like binding oath or our initial 500% threat bonus do not work, the work around to this is doing damage so aim for at the minimal 60% and if you’re building for PvP there is no cap.
Recovery- This is a very important stat this determines your cool downs on your encounter powers through gear and boons target 8000+ in this stat
Critical chance- For this particular build I choose not to focus heavily on Critical Chance while you want some to trigger a certain enchantment you really want less in tangent with a companion (Owlbear) for maximum damage output. 25% is about idea for this.

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