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Topic: C Ronaldo to hug his comrade fifa 17 Pepe

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C Ronaldo to hug his comrade fifa 17 Pepe

After extra time, Eder scored a goal, people see C Rochester ignite the bottom. He was on the sidelines, tears in her eyes, his face has a very complicated expression - that ecstasy, even a little unbelievable. Design my lines, he might be thinking: Is this a dream? is this real? Never even dream ...... do not wake up! Perhaps, only when the Portuguese players on the bench all out and embrace the C Lo, that moment, C Ronaldo to a little real sense of it.

After the game, C Ronaldo to hug his comrade Pepe, to embrace Quaresma, also thanks to a goal scored lore Edel. Look at the face of C Luo Edel thanks laughing gaffe thorough look - as if suddenly grow on the nose, like a morning glory, so-called "smiling flower." So happy here, but luck never favored only real brave!

C Ronaldo is Portugal's top players, even the finals back injury, he is still the focus of concern to all. It is no exaggeration to say that, worldwide, the real hardcore fans of Portugal is not much - at least not so much now - but because of C Ronaldo, Portugal's followers surge. After the game, a large number of cameras, camera, pointed at various Changqiangduanbao C Lo. Success Dreams Real Madrid (data) superstar also to meet you face reporters, shirts off, standing there: you beat it, just beat, everyone Hey now! Even though everyone said he was strength to steal the spotlight, it does not matter. Qi Buwen: Life is proud to be thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Awards time, C Luo as captain, is surrounded by Portuguese players into the middle. Lift the trophy the moment, C Luo people see facial expressions completely hideous. 12 years, from the age of 19 is too small, 31-year-old fight to "zombie", he paid so much for 12 years, waiting for this moment is not right! By this time we still have to hide his excitement to do? C Luo He never liked to hide!

This is the story of the night C Lo, from exultation to grief and, from tears to joy. The ups and downs of life in just two hours staged. After the semifinals, C Lo once said: "very bad start, but then getting better and better, which is always good." He said that Portugal this competition journey (San Lianping team start to win the final); he also xbox live fifa points said that his international career (the first contest in 2004 and fell in the final, after 12 years of defeats, in the age of 31 successful title). He also said that the night of the final story: start back injury, very bad, but when he was unable to extricate themselves immersed in grief, only to find ...... So this day was the happiest of his entire career, fut 17 points account most brilliant, most memorable that day! This is damn football, which is damn life!

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