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Topic: The European Cup has ended the final round

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The European Cup has ended the final round

The European Cup has ended the final round of the competition, the strength of the final paper was dominant, but also both the home advantage of the French team upset loss to Portugal in overtime, winning the first opponents to complete the history of the European Cup buy ut coins feat . The big advantage of this long attack in less than final, final defeat, the French team's frontcourt players to blame, say their squad midfielder Bo Geba, but the game may only blog a microcosm of the overall performance of gBA in this competition.

In fact, the current European Cup, European football last season, played the hottest supernovae have been very general, there is no level to reach the outside world expect of him. You know, before the opening of the European Cup, almost everyone agreed that the young Juventus (official website data) will be the new generation of French midfielder midfielder leaders, to observe good attack, he will take over Zidane banner best candidate, but about Bo Geba in the transfer market worth, we have Scoop and C Ronaldo, Bell, and Soares at the same level of 100 million pounds.

However, true to the game, Boge Ba did not play a match strength and worth. The game with the Portuguese team, Bo Geba audience the most impressive lenses are neither sharp break, nor long-range precision passing or violence, but to his teammates after loudly accusing beside the ball , young, old pies but as a general global hegemony.

Aside from this final, other screenings show Boge Ba tournament also difficult to say satisfactory, except in the face of violence dark horse team headed home in Iceland fairly strong, the French team did not give the other games Boge Ba impress people, far less than beside sound defense of Canterbury and repeatedly lore Savior Payette rosy, were the first to see alone, played for Leicester City and West Ham two apparently far and Boge Ba.

One on the current European Cup performance will conclude Boge Ba is greater than the strength of fame may be too arbitrary. But for those potential buyers who, after reading the current European Cup, interest Boge Ba may really be greatly reduced, there is news that Real Madrid (data) has basically abandoned the chase for Boge Ba .

Nevertheless, before this finals, Boge Ba's old club Manchester United still believe this is just the French teenager played low, they are willing to Bo Geba out £ 100m super offer, and promised Bibogeba Juve pay over 3 times the £ 300,000 weekly salary. But watching fifa 17 coins prices this clumsy performance Boge Ba and among his teammates after angrily tidbits, I'm afraid the Reds will think carefully about this very conceited, also had been shelled Qijiang Manchester United youth system, in the end it is worthwhile to its so amazing bet bet.

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