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Topic: The warm & best service for fifa 16 points at

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The warm & best service for fifa 16 points at

2016 European Cup Group E first round 0-2 burning to Belgium in fut dollars Lyon Stadium Italy, Giaccherini and Pellet have been meritorious deeds. This is Group Electronic focus of war, Luomei Lu - just before Loukakou sudden, within Debu Lao as well as Adjara both wings to fly, and Witsel Nayingelan midfield. Italian side, and Eder Pellet near ranks with strikers, midfield De Rossi.


The first 10 minutes, Luo Meilu - Lukaku headed back to the top, Feilai Ni ferry on course Nayingelan peripheral foot chance burst, Buffon wrecker. Houdebulao with inner spot out, Fellaini headed top part.

The first 22 a few minutes, Fellaini ball, Nayingelan perimeter long photographs hit. The first 29 a few minutes, Damian pass, Pellet restricted area before the cheap fifa 16 dollars right foot low shot, but the ball slightly wide from the right baseline.


The first 32 units, Bonucci in the midfielder sent an extended pass accuracy, de roof collapse, Giaccherini remove the ball into your restricted area beautiful face Courtois calm Tuishe 0-1! Italy lead! This is Giaccherini initial four team goals.


The first 36 minutes, Paluo Luo ferry on course Pellet headed top side. The first 39 units, Fellaini pass, Witsel before the minimal area right foot reduced shot missed. The first 43 minutes, Seaman right pass, Feilai Ni ferry went, Luomei Lu - from the restricted area turned along with fired Loukakou Puzhu.


The first 53 minutes, Candreva restricted the right Fifa Points Account of small angle in the center, virton Hang back soon enough to recover Feichan closure. Belgium then played brilliant counterattack, within Debu Lao complete, Luomei Lu - Loukakou single-handedly out of cash the restricted area confront of attack Buffon still left foot rub Kongmen basically missed!


The first 54 min's, Candreva on the appropriate pass, leaping high in the particular restricted area shakes Leipzig Pellet, Courtois flying Dan Zhang struck the ball. 56 minutes, Debu Lao passing, Adjara restricted area before the strong long-range left feet, Buffon very focused Puzhu.


The first 74 moments, Candreva attract 2 defenders brilliant pass Paluo Luo mix, restricted area before the particular shot and Giaccherini was denied the lower line.


The first 82 moments, crossing the ball eventually left the restricted area inside Debu Lao, Ao Liji point before to purchase fifa 16 coins jumping shakes Leipzig, the ball just slightly higher!


The first 84 min's, Italy play fast countertop, Yinmobilai restricted area before the right foot volley, Courtois stations hit the ball very good bottom line.


The first 90 units, Debu Lao inside pass, Ao Liji leaping shakes Leipzig drowned leading of Fellaini missed option Buffon spared the soccer ball.


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