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A.J. Green Salute to Service Jersey

Is US Soccer Team ready to topple the traditional Giants?

A sports freak nation A.J. Green Salute to Service Jersey , US. Where there are many sports unheard of before, or played anywhere else in the world. Their love to play can be easily identified by the fact that a decade ago, many were not familiar of the US soccer team's status on international circuit or World Cup level. Infact they were criticized exorbitantly for hosting Atlanta 1995 because of weak national team, but US team has executed many upsets before being taken seriously.

There was a time when few could believe that the US soccer team might ever level Soccer World Champions. Just few years back, US entered to compete with nations which had a colorful history in the game. During the last Soccer World Cup, the US team leveled Italy during a round game. Surprising as it may be, Italians later emerged triumphant, with only the US team being unbeaten by them. With many soccer stars including David Beckam, J眉rgen Klinsmann enriching league soccer, and endeavoring a soccer culture in US. US soccer team has increased their technical prowess to mark more memorable victories.

US team has increased their credibility by a string of consistent performances; they qualified for FIFA 2010 by topping their region- North, Central America and Caribbean Zone. Coach Bob Bradley, added necessary gun powder to the explosive combination of some baby-leg stars as well as some seasoned international icons. Their superior dominance in the World Soccer arena was further re-enforced when they ended as runner-ups to no other than the giant Brazilian squad at 2009 FIFA Confederation Cup South Africa.
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