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Topic: I have to be careful that anything

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I have to be careful that anything

" Having something of an interface around IF on iOS helps create the idea of "things" similarly present. For The Neverwinter AD Dreamhold, it made sense to include a map within the interface, to keep the interactive experience centered on text when past fans would have needed a deskside pen and paper to draw their own. Of course, in a genre that thrives on descriptive text, letting Neverwinter players use their imagination and sometimes deliberately withholding information from them, imagery needs a very careful hand. "It's always a challenge thinking about what to put in," Plotkin says. "In this case I'm re releasing Neverwinter games that already exist and I'm not recompiling them. so I have to be careful that anything I ad to that is changing the presentation. I'm being very conservative about what goes out through that channel."Strip mining the App StoreShade's premise: A person with a messy desk has decided to go on a trip to what sounds like a festive desert retreat, in the hopes of broadening his world and discovering something about himself. "The App Store gold rush was a couple of years ago; now it's the steady strip mining," Plotkin says. "I don't necessarily have a marketing plan, here."There must be some notion of a critical mass," he reasons. "Which is why I'm trying to do Buy Neverwinter Gold more than one app on the Store, and to be cross pollinating with other kinds of story based apps."

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