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Topic: a part of your incredible celebration.

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a part of your incredible celebration.

(unfortunately 2016 Bridesmaid Dresses Clearance , she died before the Coronation itself)92 Nations represented by more than 500 photographers along the parade route7.Pearls encircling 1,333 diamonds on the diadem worn by Princess Elizabeth en route to Westminster Abbey; it was made for the 1820 coronation of George IV200 Years before 1953 that a British sovereign last acceded the throne while abroad (she was in Kenya at the time of King George VI’s death)250 People in the Sovereign’s procession as it entered the Abbey4,000 Number of diamonds in shoes designer Bruno Frisoni created in honour of HRH’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.Frisoni’s shoes were modelled after the original 1953 pair.Guests attended the Coronation Ceremony9,000 Sewing hours by three dressmakers and six embroiderers, all of whom worked in secret.weddings will take place in Canada during 2013 and almost half of them will happen between July and September, says Weddingbells Magazine.Are you financially ready for the wedding season?RelatedNo, I don t want to go to your expensive weddingPoll: Would you say no to a wedding invite just to save money?Attending weddings can be expensive.So here are some tips to help you emerge from the tulle draped, flower petal littered and champagne filled celebrations with more of your money in the bank.You don t really have to go to your neighbour s daughter s wedding.Send her a congratulatory card.Offer your expertise.So give the gift of your talents.Can you bake or arrange flowers?Offer to do your bride’s hair and make-up as your gift.If you buy late, there will be nothing left on the registry but the big-ticket items such as the Dyson vacuum and the Beautyrest mattress.To get more bang for your buck, keep an eye on items that may go on sale.Check where your couple is registered and sign up for the store’s mailing list to get deals and sale updates.Alternatively, buy that exact item elsewhere if it is cheaper.If the happy couple get two, they can return one.Go in with a gang and buy the vacuum.Beautiful wrapped gifts appear more expensive.Scour Pinterest for some ideas.Print your own wrapping paper and top it with an artificial flower from a dollar store.Borrow your party clothes.Services such as RentfrockRepeat.Another more economical alternative is to go shopping in a friend s closet.However, if you must have a new dress and are attending several weddings font-weight:bold Clearance , buy a dark, neutral or jewel-tone gown that you can accessorize differently with shawls, necklaces, give variety to your Facebook photos.Use an automatic savings account to make regular withdrawals.I ve named my account: Celebrating Other People s Happiness Fund.Crash at a friend s house or find cheaper accommodations.You don t have to stay at the luxury hotel or the castle where the wedding is taking place.If you re coming in from out of town, search the area for more affordable hotels within stumbling distance.If you are in financial straits and just cannot afford to attend a wedding or be a bridesmaid or groomsman, just admit that upfront.Skip the out-of-town bachelor/bachelorette party.A situation like The Hangover will only result in a huge credit card you have any other tips?We d be happy to hear them so please share them below!When a beautiful wedding invitation arrives in our mailbox, imagine if we could RSVP in the most honest way.Dear friend, Thank you so much for wanting me to be a part of your incredible celebration.But I am spending a month’s rent on gifts, a bridesmaid dress and the bachelorette party in Vegas.If you have a third bridal shower, I am going to lose it.Dear cousin, I know you’re getting married at the swankiest venue in the city.Please don’t badmouth us to the rest of the family.Dear work colleague, No way.In debt from the last wedding that I attended.How to survive the wedding seasonAttending weddings can be expensive.So here are some tips to help you emerge from the tulle-draped, flower-petal littered and champagne filled celebrations with more of your money in the bank.Read more hereWe know weddings are get married and go on a honeymoon.But lovebirds aside Sheath/Column Wedding Dresses Clearance , it can be expensive for everyone else too.Also, more couples are opting for destination events which raises costs for traveling guests; 24% of all American weddings in 2012 were abroad, up 20% since 2008, says TheKnot.Statistics Canada’s 2008 data shows that men get married at an average age of 31.and women get hitched at 29.So for recent graduates with student loans and for people with new careers trying to build wealth, a flurry of weddings invitations couldn’t come at a worse time.In the past 10 years, Mira M.Last year, the 29-year-old Toronto resident went to six weddings.One bride had two engagement parties, three showers, an out-of-town stagette and an in-town stagette.Monetary gifts appreciated.You start to feel the pressure because the bride starts talking to you about who gave gifts and ‘How much do you think a party like this costs?RelatedPoll: Would you say no to a wedding invite just to save money?So how much are you supposed to give?Well, you don’t have to give anything if you don’t want to.such as the decision to unconditionally give your newlywed children extraordinary wedding gifts.From an etiquette perspective, the most common misconception that I hear is that you’re supposed to spend how much you think they’re spending on your dinner.That’s not the case.says Lisa Hanslip, owner and senior event designer at The Wedding Planner Inc.She used to write an etiquette column for the Calgary Herald.You need to take into account how well do you know this person and what your particular circumstances are.She has planned several weddings in the last few years where the couple either didn’t want gifts or asked for charitable donations.You shouldn’t feel obligated to buy something off the registry.and you feel so stupid buying one spoon.Buying a silver spoon is the least of our problems if we get the call to join the ranks of the wedding party.I.

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