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Topic: design by Toronto firms Plant Architect Inc.and

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design by Toronto firms Plant Architect Inc.and

present her work at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences conference in Kitchener-Waterloo next week.She spoke with the Post’s Sarah Boesveld.RelatedBible’s love might not be as chaste as we thoughtQ: What do these more traditionalist Christians mean when they talk about preserving purity?A: What we’re seeing today is a fairly narrow interpretation of the idea of purity and that it’s applied only to sexuality and sex.Historically font-weight:bold Clearance , it had to do with food, it had to do with social class, everything.But what’s difficult about the more modern interpretation is that what defines sexual abstinence and purity is not nailed down by one equivocal definition.Does oral sex count as sex?And the movements that are out there have very tightly defined notions of purity.The person who started purity balls, Randy Wilson in Colorado Springs, Co.wouldn’t let his daughters date anyone that he had not vetted himself; they’ve married people basically that he has chosen for them.had not kissed her husband until their wedding day.Q: How do you know if he’s a good kisser?A: The idea is that’s not the most important thing.Fair enough, except that what happens is there’s so much tied up in sexual interaction that if it’s not what it’s cracked up to be, then that’s it.Marriage and sex become very inextricably connected and one of the negative sides of that is you see very young people getting married so they can have sex.Q: If there’s nothing wrong with wanting your daughter to be pure, what’s wrong with promoting purity in this way?A: The big concern is that purity is understood as a state.It’s not about teaching moral agency, it’s not about inviting people to make choices, it’s either you’re pure or you’re not.That’s kind of the way it plays out in each of these movements.We have to be willing to allow for the fact that no one is ever going to be completely pure.When we set that up as a moral ideal, we’re setting people up to fail.What we want are people who can make decisions well and we know, yes, we know 13-year-olds are probably not the best moral decision-makers, but they’re practising.the men are making all the decisions.Q: Are you saying that girls should have sex and/or sexual experiences before marriage?A: I think there should be more sexual awareness.I think absolutely people need to know this stuff and they need to go in with their eyes wide open and to understand that sexuality in and of itself is a good thing.Being sexually active with a partner is a good thing, but it requires a lot of emotional maturity.But the research shows the longer you wait, the better your experiences are.This interview has been edited and condensed.On a sunny Thursday High Low Homecoming Dresses Clearance , Nathan Phillips Square welcomed tour groups, ladies who lunch and a spirited Yorkie darting past piles of rubble.Such upheaval has just become part of the landscape since the city broke ground about two years ago on an ambitious project to change the face of Toronto’s main square.The jewel, a green roof covered with a range of plant specimen, opened in 2010.The new skate pavilion began operating in the winter and a permanent bandstand is rising.But as many big city projects go, things have not turned out exactly as planned.million of which was to be raised from philanthropists and the private sector, soon became an exclusively taxpayer-funded endeavour.million, officials told the government management committee on Thursday.Instead of full completion by mid to late 2012, the revitalization of Nathan Phillips Square will not be done until spring 2014.I think this looks beautiful, but I’m all about dollars and cents The new price tag also does not include a restaurant that was part of the original proposal, and which will be the subject of a request for proposals from potential operators later this year.would change once all the details were flushed out.Coveduck, in explaining why the project is taking longer and costing more.million for new parking garage work, and a new bike station.Even though it’s not done, the Athenian agora-inspired design by Toronto firms Plant Architect Inc.and Shore Tilbe Irwin Partners has already won seven awards, Sheila Glazer, a manager in facilities management division, told councillors on Thursday.It moves the Peace Garden from the middle of the square to a western flank Plus Size Homecoming Dresses Clearance , and makes room for a seasonal disappearing water fountain that will open in July.The new theatre stage will be ready in October.There is still landscaping to do, sod and paving stones to lay to give the edges a sharper look.with 11 acres of open space, said Ms.bristled Councillor Pam McConnell, a fellow committee member.Councillor Ford insisted he’s not trying to be a downer; asking if it’s over budget is part of his job.Just hopefully in the procurement department we don’t add 20 points to every single thing that you purchase.million in maintenance repairs anyhow.Spending more money to transform the space is worth it, he said.There can be little doubt that the Prince of Wales knows how to work a room.Or, in this case, a brick laneway at the site of what was once a liquor distillery and is now a complex of hip, overpriced shops.The beating of drums heralds his arrival at the Distillery District.It makes one wonder: are the drums a typical thing?Does he hear this kind of thing everywhere he goes?Is Prince Charles even aware that the sound of a drum corps on a weekday afternoon is somewhat unusual, or is it just background noise to him, like the honking of horns to the rest of us?And while we re here, has anyone let the royals know that people make a point of wearing jaunty hats and fascinators in their presence, or do they just assume that the world is largely populated by funny-hat-wearing people, because that s all they ever see?RelatedCharles and Camilla mingle with enthusiastic crowds in TorontoGallery: Queen’s Jubilee Canada tourWhy Charles and Camilla make such a perfect coupleAnyway.Prince Charles is working the room.A phalanx of totally conspi.

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