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Topic: 'PES 2016' controlled 'FIFA 16' at Gamescom 2015 described as the best football in the history of video

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'PES 2016' controlled 'FIFA 16' at Gamescom 2015 described as the best football in the history of video

Konami not just hyping and exaggerating previously said he wants the latest edition of the football simulation video game 'Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2016' to become fifa coin the best in the history of video games. It seems that the pronunciation Japanese game developer really has some teeth to it, and it became clear the display demo game 'PES 2016' during the Gamescom 2015, which took place on August 5 to 9 in Cologne, was Germany.The game demo outstanding, so that actually the shadow of direct competition 'FIFA 16' from EA Sports that the trailer is also found in the case, considered by many and quite underwhelming.

After at Gamescom 2015 Konami already available 'PES 2016' demo of the game on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. While many players and critics are skeptical because initial Konami of 'PES 2016', but when it was presented to play the demo at gamescom 2015 of the faithful have made cynics, skeptics, and even skeptics details even cited Moviepilot.The outlet that 'PES 2016' destroyed 'FIFA 16' in the line of attack because of the style of game players actually believe I'm the best and most entertaining football game.Great experienceBoth football simulation video game will be released next month and it will be interesting see if 'PES 2016' would be arrested by the end of domination by FIFA video games are a franchise in the last two years years.

Capitalizing key functions of the new generation of board game 'PES 2016' will look more realistic than ever, with improved ball physics and collision system, which makes it great and great experience of football visually observes Latin Post.Accordingly system will lead to a clash of different results each time the players hit each other, and that depends on various factors, including the strength of the player. Even when the ball is in the air and two guys fighting for it, there will be a fight between players of the Air Force. Players must use the left stick in an attempt to win the offensive player with the ball ball.The be the best reactions when confronted with a gun. He or Sal last defender to dribble or make a fake to avoid and overcome defense.Determined be the best 'PES 2016' it is determined to become the best football game and movie football history when it hits the platforms in September, in line with the aim of developer Konami played Productions.

Adam Bhatti, product director PES series, admitted that the series of soccer is not as popular as ever in early 2000, and plans to Konami to restore its reputation. From the game that the game we all became a football video game PES series of video games that everyone forgot explains Bhatti.He said that Konami wants to 'PES 2016' video games that everyone will play and everyone played a few more months or years after her official website that release.Konami is known for a series of PES he overshadowed the last few years by its competitors mathematical ultimate team coins series. However, Bhatti said that Konami finally break the PES series needed to relieve their glory days with the successful launch of 'PES 2015' last year. 'PES 2015' has won several awards game last year and 'PES 2016' intends to build on the success of its predecessor to bring fans of the series of video games, which lost the competition for the past seven to eight years.

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